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If you still read this journal... just comment.

[ i swear there is a method behind my madness. ]


it feels good to laugh. Everyone should laugh atleast 9 times a day... even if its AT someone.


1| I feel terrible because I think I've lost a very good friend and I don't really know why.

2| I think i should just cancel this.. I dont update and none of you care that I dont update.. which i don't care that you don't care... I can't force any of you to care about what goes on with me, and its perfectly acceptable not to care.. Its just.. if I dont care.. and you don't care.. then whats the fucking point, yanno.

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Now my two favorite people can go Everywhere with me!!

background - Kenner. <3
Start menu background - Manda- Carrot <3

and i just bought an Xbox for ken with 23 games for 183 bucks

Halo. Halo II and fable here i come!!

ANyone have Xbox Connect or Xbox live so I can play with ya when we get it!?!?!?!?!?!

Only people i know that have it are my brother and his friends. ALl kens friends are PS2'ers.

Now we have PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

PS.. USPS says my Sandisk wireless card arrived in New Brunswick today.. Im TOTALLY hoping that means it'll be here this afternoon. Yippeeee.

Bought the wireless card.. Should be here in the next week.


I can't seem to get AIM or MSN mobile [ im not paying for it, if anyone knows where i can get a free MSN or AIM, holla!!! ]

causingrukus@aim.com is the email that will go to Paq. [ my AIM name too. ]

But, you can also just email my normal mail [ jerseytrash@gmail.com ] - Ill set up some sort of filter to send mail to causingrukus. I dunno how thats going to work. I can't set up a filter for " Everything on jerseytrash" because it'd overload my damn mailbox. Ummm. Ill just use the paq as a sorta of messanger thing. You can send emails, survys, funny jokes, all that crap, and a picture or two to CAUSINGRUKUS@AIM.COM - but if its a big file, please send it to jerseytrash guys, paq only has 64mbs internal and 36 flash [ tho i do have two 128 cards, a 256, a 16 , two 64's and a 32.... It'd be a pain to keep switching ]

But, you'll probally get a reply FROM causingrukus if Im on my PDA.. I can't access gmail.. It's not mobile friendly. They're lame.

Lets see. Last night, Ken made me watch the two dumbest movies ever. Anacondas and willard.. Willard wasnt half bad, I guess.... It's really wacky..., but it made me sad that socrates and the really cute orange cat died. Stupid big fat rat named Ben!!! R. Lee Ermey is in it.. and George McFly [ creepy thin man from charlies angels for the rest of you. aka.. Crispin motherfuckin Glover .. I love him. ]

Ive been okay. I've been around. Ive been happy for the most part. Hung around Ink-sanity [ our friends tattoo shop in New Brunswick ]. Watched Conway get his arm done.. The rome get smiley faces tattoo'd on his knees.

A kid we know is in the hospital with a blood clot in his brian and a compound fracture in his ankle.

I burnt my finger so bad i had to peel it off the heat bar of the toaster oven .It melted my skin onto it and i could feel it ripping off the metal. GROSS.

I have two big gashes on my leg and I dunno what the fuck from.

IIIIIIIII love a parade.

Also, I still need addresses, so if ya'll would be so kind as to email your address to me... =) if you have in the last few weeks, ya don't have ta. But I know I'm missing some addresses [ gimmie yo' bifdays too, nigga ]

Also, I'm getting my leg tatted soon. Ankle to Knee. Cherry blossoms, water, koi and samurai. For 150$ bitches. [ Kens getting a halfsleeve for free, i think... JERK ]

Imma be the hottest girl on the block, yo. hah.


Current Music: T.I. - you don't know me.

: ahem : get over it. and yourself.

James Doohan, the burly chief engineer of the Starship Enterprise in the
original "Star Trek" TV series and motion pictures who responded to the command
"Beam me up, Scotty," died early Wednesday. He was 85.

day dream. fantasy. and my mind went to sleep.

paq an' I are doing just fine. its love. i swear. ♥

good night.

paq is here!


and im using him right now!

.. which will be here on Saturday..


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